Buying my first Chanel bag.

Updated: Sep 14

15th February 2017

"It's just a bag". That's the sentence I used to regularly repeat in my head when I would gaze at the Classic flap bag on display in the Chanel store. I've wanted a Chanel bag since I can remember - it's always been my dream bag!

Each time I would enter the store, I would wonder if I should take the plunge and purchase it, but never built up the courage and in my head. I just couldn't justify the £4,000 price tag. However, this time was different...

One day I was in London and, as usual, headed into the Chanel store on Bond Street to pay a visit to their new collection of bags. As it was relatively busy I thought I would try on one from the shelf, knowing I wouldn't be interrupted by any SA's looking to pounce. This was just to see what a Chanel bag felt like, to actually be able to hold one. I found myself in awe. It was like a switch in my mind turned on - I knew I had to have the bag!

After a short wait, I found an SA who showed me a selection of bags. I was in love with an orange classic design and also a more modern design of the WOC (wallet on chain). However I knew if I was to purchase a bag, it had to be the classic. So, I asked to see the Chanel medium classic flap bag in black caviar leather with silver hardware (my dream bag). They had one left in stock. He brought it out and that was it, I knew it was "the one". Puffy, shiny and just how I imagined it would be. I was in love.

I usually plan out what I'm going to buy and definitely did not have any idea on the way to London that morning that I was going to come back with a Chanel bag! Saying that, I had definitely done my research! Months of watching Youtube unboxings, scrolling through PurseForum and having read plenty of articles/blog posts on the bag, I was well educated on what I wanted. I knew everything about the bag, from the history of it's design to the exact packaging I was to receive it in (i'm not as sad as that sounds!).

Before I knew it, my mind was racing and I had to have it. Even so, the SA continued to explain the craftsmanship of the bag and stated how the store can only sell one classic a day. This is a concept known as the "rarity principle". It simply means if too many people own it, the prestige of the brand decreases. This could be one reason why Chanel continue to increase their prices. An increase in price means circulation of their bags is kept low, subsequently increasing the exclusivity of their products and adding to the magic of the brand.

Anyway, back to my shopping experience... The SA informed me that since I started to look at the bag there had been a waiting list created of people who wanted to view it after me (If I declined to buy it) and even people on hold over the phone. Maybe that was all true? Maybe a clever sales tactic? Whatever it was, it made the whole experience feel even more special and exciting. 

Long story short, I purchased the bag and still can't believe I actually own it. I'm more in love than I thought I would be! So, while a sizeable chunk is missing from my bank account, I can truly say I am happy.

So why did I choose this specific bag?

  • For me the best "first Chanel bag" is the classic. This bag is the one which for sure will never date or go out of style.

  • The medium sized is perfect for both day and night. Large enough in the day to fit my wallet, phone, lipstick and portable charger. But, also small enough to be used as an evening bag.

  • Choosing black over the beige (the alternative classic colour) was easy - I didn't want to worry about colour transfer or marks. This is also the same reason for my choice of leather - caviar wears a lot better than lambskin, especially if the bag is going to be used often!

  • Lastly, I simply chose silver hardware over the gold as most of the jewellery I wear is silver or white gold and, personally, I think for younger people the silver hardware looks more modern.


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