The Chanel Caramel Classic Flap is here

Chanel's 21P collection is here and it seems the hype for the classic flap is back...

When scrolling through purse forum, YouTube and numerous other blogs, you can see the mad rush for the new flap unfold right before your eyes. Pairing this limited release, with the closure of Chanel's UK boutiques (due to the pandemic) means it is even harder for Chanel addicts to get their hands on one of these bags. However, savvy buyers with the right contacts (SAs and personal shoppers) have managed to hunt the caramel flap down...and it looks beautiful.

The caramel is available in many sizes: Lambskin: mini square / mini rectangular / classic medium flap / classic small flap / 19 small / 19 medium

Caviar: Coco handle / business affinity

Not only is this handbag nearly impossible to score brand new, it seems that the resurgence of the caramel, as it has made an appearance in previous collections (I think in 16B but don't quote me...), has depleted the stock of this colourway on the pre-loved market too.

For more info on Chanel's 21P collection check out this YouTube video below:

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